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A flexible, personalized independent study setting for grades 7-12

Our school was founded in 2001, with the mission of enabling students in grades 7--12 who had dropped out or were at risk of dropping out of traditional schools to become motivated again to learn, to develop a desire to complete their education and earn a high school diploma.

We continue this mission today and welcome any student who, through encouragement and an individualized study program, wishes to become a self-motivated, competent, life-long learner. We help students become an educated person in the 21st Century: a scholar, a healthy physical being, a community member, a citizen of the world, and a participant in a technologcal society.


1:1 technology, on-line courses

Each student is provided a tablet computer, which is used to log into Edgenuity, the on-line curriculum we use. In addition, s/he keeps a log of fitness activities and engages in other learning opportunities available in his/her community.

The logs and work products a student creates each week translate into credits toward graduation and serve as evidence that s/he is attending school.
Supervised Independent Study

Our primary mode of learning is independent study. Students work at their own pace through the on-line curriculum. Supports such as tutors, on-site classes, and on-site resources (computers, study areas, etc) are available to support the student’s independent effort. The pace is set by the student: faster, slower, or the same as the pace leading to graduation in 4 years of high school. Students and parents meet weekly with a supervising teacher to check progress and get feedback.
A Different Kind of Culture

Our staff is trained to foster Developmental Relationships (Search Institute, 2014): to express care, challenge growth, provide support, share power, and expand possibilities. We customize your courses and offer a variety of pathways: toward middle school promotion, a regular high school diploma, or a college preparatory high school diploma.



We serve any student in grades 7--12. We serve a variety of students, some of whom are English learners, have disabilities, or have had interruptions in their schooling. Students can remain enrolled with us through age 21. Students enrolled with us might be homeless, in foster care, on probation, wanting to accelerate their schooling, concurrently enrolled at community college, needing to recover credits, and/or needing to balance school with a disability, work, parenting, or a medical condition.


An average week of school at Learning for Life consists of:


20 hours per week are spent logged into our online academic courses. You will spend this time watching video of teachers explaining their subjects and then engaging in interactive learning activities. We offer A--G approved classes in English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, and World Languages.


5 hours per week engaged in fitness activities outside of school can act as PE--things like walking, jogging, working out at the gym, or whatever else you do to keep fit and healthy.


5 hours per week engaged in activities outside of school that get you involved in your community can act as your electives: volunteer, work, compete, express yourself artistically, or whatever else you have going on.


Open Campus

We are open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, and later on some days. We have computers, WiFi, a library and a garden.
Teachers & Tutors

One-to-one assistance is offered on site, on-line and via phone. We hold classes on site and offer a structured middle school program.
A Counselor, Community Liaisons and Social Work Interns

Assistance is available in academic planning, personal/social development, career exploration, and meeting basic needs.

We operate our own Google Schools domain.

Students are provided a school email address and the full suite of Google tools (Calendar, Documents, Sheets, Slides, Blogger....) to help complete their assignments.

With the involvement of students, parents, staff and the community, Learning for Life Charter School is reinventing itself to create a more personal, meaningful and impactful learning experience.


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Our students come from near and far, and from all walks of life.



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Students By Grade

7th & 8th Grade
9th & 10th Grade
11th & 12th Grade


Mr. Kenneth Lawrence-Emanuel, Executive Director & Math Teacher

Mrs. Marielle Rivers, Counselor

Ms. Elisa Fireman, Spanish & English Teacher
Ms. Gloria Shaw, English & Art Teacher
Ms. Hope Tadema, Science Teacher
Mr. Brian Zeuthen, Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Gloria Hughes, Registrar

Mr. Sergio Paredes, Tutor
Ms. Stephanie Iriarte, Tutor

Mr. Justin Alnas, School--Community Liaison


MLCurrent 10th Grade Student
Learning for Life has helped me reach new goals and explore my opportunities more. I learned how to associate with others and have fun.
AGCurrent 11th Grade Student
I think it’s a great opportunity to make new friends. Not only that, but to graduate early, or to get your grades up. The tutors and teachers are a big part of it. They give you the tools to apply yourself to your work.
CACurrent 10th Grade Student
Learning for Life has helped me find myself and my own future. Also, LFL has given me one-on-one help and helped me get better grades and better opportunities.
SOCurrent 11th Grade Student
Learning for Life Charter School has a staff that desires to help their students. The small environment is perfect for a student who wants more one-on-one help with their studies and it enables the students to learn more about their fellow classmates as well.
RMCurrent 8th Grade Student
Learning for Life is a good place to show and help you how to succeed in college and to figure out your future.
KCCurrent 7th Grade Student
There are good people to tutor you.


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Email our Registrar: gloriah@learningforlifeschool.com
Email our Director: kennethl@learningforlifeschool.com

Call: (831) 582-9820

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330-F Reservation Road, Marina, California 93933